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Episode 125: On Stage Now – Vector U

Yup, it’s time for our monthly episode of “On Stage Now”, featuring Vector U. Known as “your friendly neighborhood EDM VGM remixer”, he’s been turning the tables and adjusting the sliders for several years, remixing music from video games and anime. He’s collaborated with several cover/remix musicians, including Noteblock, Qumu, and P2. He’s also contributed […]

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Episode 124: Race for the Checkered Flag (NASCAR Day)

Hello, racing fans! Today we’re celebrating NASCAR Day, on the third Friday of May. NASCAR (National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing) is a sanctioning and operating company best known for the motorsports of stock cars, vehicles built specifically for racing, and this day aims to bring awareness of the sport to the general populace. […]

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Episode 123: Four! (National Golf Day)

Today, we are celebrating National Golf Day, in honor of that single-player sport that pits you against the forces of nature and physics, with the goal of hitting a small, dimpled ball into a hole that is several hundred yards away, with as few strokes as possible. Sounds easy? Not when you must face many […]

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Episode 122: Praise the Sun (Sun Day)

On this day, May 3rd, we’re celebrating Sun Day (originally International Sun Day). Proposed by Denis Hayes and established by President Jimmy Carter in 1977 by a joint resolution, Sun Day celebrates that shining star in the middle of our known galaxy, the sun. Along it providing light and heat, the sun can be harnessed […]

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Episode 121: On Stage Now – Ruscel Torres

Here we are, with a special episode of “On Stage Now”, and this month’s featured musician is Ruscel Torres. Ruscel has been learning and playing music since the age of seven, first learning the piano and then other instruments, including the saxophone. He creates jazz arrangements and covers from video game music and anime. While […]

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Episode 119: Hold, Please…

Any person who’s called a company or office has been through this scenario: You’re calling to speak with someone in a department or make an appointment. You may go through several menu options or, if you’re lucky, you spoke with a person who received your call. Suddenly, after punching in the last option or finishing […]

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Episode 117: On Stage Now – String Player Gamer

It’s time for our monthly special episode of “On Stage Now”, where we feature a VGM musician and their works of covers, remixes, and arrangements of video game music. This month, we’re featuring String Player Gamer (nom de plume for Diwa de Leon), a musician known for his signature instrument, the electric violin. He was […]

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Episode 116: A Tribute to Toriyama

Better late than never, I suppose… This week’s episode is a tribute to one of the world’s most famous manga artist and illustrator, Akira Toriyama. He is known for the creation of Dragon Ball, a series franchise that is currently in manga and anime, as well as video games. He also illustrated for several video […]