Episode 89: On Stage Now – Sleeping Forest

It’s time for another monthly episode of “On Stage Now”, featuring Sleeping Forest. Sleeping Forest was discovered while doing an episode about Mental Health Awareness Month. The track was “The Days When My Mother Was There”, a cover from Persona 5. I was immediately attracted to it and has become a personal favorite track of […]

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Episode 88: I’m Batman (Batman Day)

The Caped Crusader. The World’s Greatest Detective. The Gotham Guardian. The Dark Knight. Bats. He’s known by many names, but everyone knows him as Batman. Bruce Wayne takes on this identity to solve the city’s mysteries and deal with its denizens of criminals and underground organizations. Thanks to his many vehicles and arsenal, Batman is […]


Episode 87: Let’s Talk at Anime Impulse

Time to leave my desk and head out to another public venue in Anaheim, CA, called Anime Impulse. This venue travels along California and in Arizona, with a host of vendors both small and large. Some of these vendors, especially at the Artist Alley, may be local to the area where it appears. It also […]

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Episode 86: Balloons Galore!

Every year, we all get older, wiser, and more experienced. It then becomes a choice of celebrating or dreading that time we birthed into the world. This weekend, I’ll be turning another year older and have decided to celebrate with this week’s episode about balloons. Yes, those rubbery, stretchy bags of air that float above […]

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Episode 85: Goldeneye 007

August 24, 1997, North America… Nintendo released a licensed title called “Goldeneye 007” for the Nintendo 64 console. It was based on the movie of the same name, released two year earlier, following the exploits of James Bond (at the time played by Pierce Brosnan). The game was a first-person shooter, which was impressive at […]

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Episode 83: On Stage Now – Qumu

Welcome to another wonderful episode of “On Stage Now”. Our special guest The Messenger, host of A VGM Journey, introduces us to our featured musician this month: Qumu. Qumu has been creating covers and remixes of video game music for ten years, as well as original music. Many of the covers and remixes include games […]

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Episode 82: Pokemon XD: The Gale of Darkness

In 2005, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company published a follow-up to Pokemon Colosseum called Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. The game was released on August 4th, a month later from its announcement, and developed by Genius Sonority for the GameCube. While it was criticized for similar or recycled assets from Colosseum, it sold more than […]

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Episode 81: Let It Rain (Rain Day)

Tomorrow is July 29th, a day known as Rain Day. A pharmacist noticed that it always seemed to rain on this particular date and decided to start recording the rainfall on this day every year. His brother did the same. It was until a novelist decided to write stories about this interesting date, and it […]

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Episode 80: On Stage Now – Ferdk

Welcome back to “On Stage Now”, a monthly episode that highlights cover and remix musicians of video game music. This month, we’re featuring Ferdk. Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ferdk has been shredding his guitar for almost 15 years, playing covers of video game music and anime. He has released singles and several tribute albums, […]