Episode 99: Jet Force Gemini

1999: The year in which Nintendo released Jet Force Gemini for their N64 console. It first came out in October, on the 1st in North America and on the 30th in Europe. It finally came out in Japan on December 1st, under the name “Star Twins”. Jet Force Gemini was a third-person adventure about a […]


Episode 98: On Stage Now – Voltz Supreme

It’s that time for our last special episode of “On Stage Now” for this year 2023, as December approaches and lots of things are being planned. This month’s feature is Voltz Supreme, an award-winning composer, story-teller, Iron Synth Chef Remixer and Performer from Australia. In addition to remixes, he also composes original music for film, […]


Episode 97: “Unfriended” (National Unfriend Day)

Did you ever look at your friends list lately on social media? I’m betting there are some people on there that are strangers or acquaintances that you friended a long time ago. Maybe you haven’t kept up with them. Maybe you’re getting tired of seeing their posts about food, politics, religion, or unusual interests. Well, […]


Episode 96: Spyro: The Year of the Dragon

This week, we’re taking a deeper look at Spyro: Year of the Dragon. The game, as known as Spyro 3 by most players, was released in Europe on November 10, 2000; it was actually first released in North America on October 24th and the following year 2001 on June 8th. Spyro is off flying into […]


Episode 95: Bunka no Hi (Japanese Cultural Day)

Ohayo, Konnichiwa, Konbanwa… Today is a celebration of Bunka no Hi, in English translated as Japanese Culture Day, held on November 3rd. Coinciding with Education and Culture Week, Japanese Culture Day celebrates the Japanese culture, in academics, the arts, music, and other aspects. It’s a great time to be familiar with such Japanese artists as […]


Episode 93: On Stage Now – GaMetal

It’s that time of the month for another special episode of “On Stage Now”. This month’s feature musician is Jonny Atma (aka GaMetal), a multi-instrumentalist with an itch to rock your ears out to his remixes of video game music. With 10+ years of music and averaging 3 tracks a day on his YouTube channel, […]


Episode 92: The (Fearful) Return of the 13th

Oh no! It’s the 13th of Friday this month! Quick, take out the horseshoes and four-leaf clovers. Walk around those ladders and watch out for those cracks on the sidewalk! Unless you’re a paraskevidekatriaphile (an admirer of Friday the 13th) like me. Yes, it’s the second Friday the 13th (first one was back in January […]

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Episode 91: Getting Cozy for Fall

Autumn has arrived. Well, it arrived a couple of weeks ago, The daylight hours are becoming shorter and the weather is turning colder. Such changes may put some of us in the mood to lie down in our bed or couch and nestle into our pillows while reading our favorite book or playing our favorite […]


Episode 90: A Cup of Brew (National Coffee Day)

Coffee: one of the three most popular beverages in the world, according to Britannica.com. Light or dark, with or without cream, it can be enjoyed hot or iced, in a take-out cup or your favorite insulated tumbler. It’s been studied and shown to boost energy, support brain and heart health, and increase longevity. While Arabica […]