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Episode 112: On Stage Now – Lollia

Welcome to the February edition of “On Stage Now”, featuring our first vocalist, Lollia. Lollia is an independent creator of various media. She is known for her covers of music from anime, video games, and popular musicians, along with some original music. She has collaborated with many other artists (such as OR3O) and creators (such […]

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Episode 111: Ristar

It was on February 16, 1995, that SEGA published and released a Genesis game titled Ristar in North America, a single-player platformer about a star that travels the Valdi star system to free the leader of each planet from the mind control of Kaiser Greedy. He bears no weapons, no magic, or psychic abilities; only […]

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Episode 110: Pizza Time! (National Pizza Day)

Mama mia! It’s time for some pizza! When was the last time you had yourself a slice of pizza with your favorite toppings? Or ordered a box or three for a gathering with friends or club members? According to a survey by Grubhub, cheese pizza was the fourth most popular food that Americans craved (the […]

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Episode 109: Happy 2nd Podcastiversary! Celebrating Two Years of Covers, Remixes and Such

Whoa, happy birthday RE-VGM! This week’s episode marks two years of video game music and their covers, remixes, and arrangements. While not as awesome as reaching one year or having 100 episodes, it’s still quite an accomplishment for any young podcast. We’ll be playing blocks of tracks that highlight last year’s host of episodes: Masters […]

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Episode 108: On Stage Now – Rexy

It’s the return of “On Stage Now” from last November, as we fly across the pond to feature our chosen remixer for January, Rexy. Rexy (aka Beverley Wooff) has been creating arrangements and remixes of video game music since 2005. In addition, she was a judge for Overclocked Remix and hosted a show featuring arrangements […]