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Episode 80: On Stage Now – Ferdk

Welcome back to “On Stage Now”, a monthly episode that highlights cover and remix musicians of video game music. This month, we’re featuring Ferdk. Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ferdk has been shredding his guitar for almost 15 years, playing covers of video game music and anime. He has released singles and several tribute albums, […]

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Episode 79: Vive La France! (Bastille Day)

Hurry for France! Today marks the Bastille Day, when a group of French citizens stormed a medieval fortress called the Bastille in 1789. There were rising tensions with the monarchy at the time, and this day marked the beginning of the French Revolution. A year later, the day was formed “to honor the French Republic […]

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Episode 77: Up and Coming (Masters of VGM)

June is not over yet, which the means one more episode for Masters of VGM. While the latest four episodes featured lesser-known composers, this week’s episode will focus on four composers that are up and coming in the last 10 years. They are: The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra, Ferdk, Jacob Shrum, and insaneintherainmusic. We’ll be […]

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Episode 76: Chikayo Fukuda (Masters of VGM)

Here we are, Week 4 of Masters of VGM. This week’s composer is Chikayo Fukuda, known for the .hack series that is developed by CyberConnect2. In addition, she also composed for other video games series, such as Naruto, JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure, and Fuga: Melodies of Steel. She writes music with a certain level of elegance; […]

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Episode 75: Keiichi Suzuki (Masters of VGM)

Two composers done, and two left to go, for Masters of VGM. This week, we’re taking a dive into the Mother series (Earthbound outside of Japan) and featuring Keiichi Suzuki, the composer for the series who worked with Hirokazu Tanaka (aka “Chip Tanaka” or “Hip Tanaka”. Suzuki is purely a musician, having been in several […]

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Episode 74: Keita Haga (Masters of VGM)

Welcome to the 2nd episode of Masters of VGM. This week’s spotlight is on Keita Haga. Keita Haga is known widely for his work on the Fate series. The series encompasses all media related to Fate: manga, anime, and video games. Haga-san has composed music for the popular mobile game Fate/Grand Order, along with several […]


Episode 73: Yu-Peng Chen (Masters of VGM)

It’s June, which means it’s time for The Masters of VGM, a community event among participating podcasts in which they get to talk about their chosen composers based on a theme. They may condense it into a one episode or spread it out across several episodes, all within the month of June. This year, the […]


Episode 72: Let’s Talk at the Bak-Anime!

It’s time for another man-on-the-street episode, this time at Bak-Anime. Bak-Anime is a two-day annual convention that happened last weekend, May 20 & May 21, at the Kern County Fairground in Bakersfield, CA. Created at the request of fans from the Bakersfield Comic Con, this convention is a smaller yet more personal venue from Anime […]

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Episode 71: On Stage Now – PirateCrab

It’s a new special episode of On Stage Now this month, but I must preface that it is a somber one. Several weeks ago, it was announced on Twitter that a Remixer from the Overclocked Remix community had passed away. His name was Daniel Woodyer, aka PirateCrab, a heavy metal guitarist who performed covers and […]