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Episode 44: Winter is coming…

See you next year, November. Hello, December… As the last of the leaves fall from the barren trees, and the last of the migrating flocks of birds make their way to warmer areas, the winds blow cold and crisp on your face, nipping your nose and shivering your skin. The sidewalks are getting covered in […]

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Episode 42: On Stage Now – Alina Gingertail

This month’s special episode of “On Stage Now” goes across the ocean to Europe, where we feature a delightful and folksy musician who calls herself Alina Gingertail. She plays a variety of instruments, most of them that are traditional and a few that are modern. In addition, she displays a lovely voice that serenades with […]


Episode 41: Going to Eleven!! (National Metal Day)

Raise those fists and scream your face into melted madness, headbangers! There’s an important event that we’re celebrating, called “National Metal Day”! If you’re a fan of the movie This is Spinal Tap, then you know that any heavy metal music sounds awesome at eleven. Thanks to VH1 Classic, National Metal Day is celebrated on […]


Episode 39: “Scary” Halloween Video Games

Okay, I confess that I have played some scary video games. This includes mobs I encountered that were inhuman: mutated by some genetic experiment, infected by a widespread disease, or conjured by the imagination of the main character. These mobs may jump out of nowhere, ready to hurt with sheer strength or surround in great […]

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Episode 38: Not-So Scary Halloween

Yes, October is meant to be a scary month but how about we do something that’s not so scary. I mean, I get scared of seeing people getting severely cut or eaten. I shiver when I hear strange sounds of empty footsteps, creaking doors, and tapping windows. I get freaked out when something gross appears […]

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Episode 37: On Stage Now – Super MadNES

Time for another monthly episode of “On Stage Now”, a special podcast episode in which I feature the work of a musician’s covers and remixes. Our guest for this month is Super MadNES, a tribute band from Southern California that plays covers of video game music in the style of 80s heavy metal. Consisting of […]


Episode 36: Fall has arrived!

Ah, can you feel that in the air? The cold winds are blowing, the air smells crisp and clear, and the leaves are turning brown and covering the ground. Oh, and that pumpkin spice smell from the local coffee store. That could only mean one thing: Fall is here. It’s the changing of seasons as […]