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Episode 14: Mama (Happy Mother’s Day)

This week’s episode is all about moms and I’ll be talking specifically about my own mom. I’ll be playing tracks from three different video games and their remixes, to explain how I felt about my mom before she passed. A nurse, a motivational speaker, and a home maker, my mom was all that I had […]

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Episode 12: In “The End” It Matters

(Apologies for the late upload of this podcast. It seems I haven’t uploaded the audio portion of the podcast at all. I was also away from the desktop, at a funeral, so I couldn’t finish the process until I got home. I promise you this episode is worth a listen, as it’s very important to […]


Episode 11: Hoppin’ and Boppin’ (Happy Easter)

Did you just see something white and fluffy hop through this way? Was it carrying a basket with something colorful inside? That could only mean one thing: It’s Easter! Happy Easter, listeners (Happy Resurrection Sunday for any and all of the Christian listeners). It is the time of the year marked by several things: colorful […]


Episode 10: Let’s Talk with the Podcasters

Yay! Ten weeks of podcasting about video game music and it’s an awesome feeling. Surely, there’s something special about reaching it. If not, by golly I’ll make it special. This week, I decided to take the idea from Episode 06 and ask podcasters within the VGM (video game music) community and present them with two […]