A couple of weekends ago, I attended the SoCal Gaming Expo. With a digital voice recorder in hand and some nerves of courage, I roamed the aisles of vendors and developers, searching for people to interview. I had just three questions to ask:

  1. Do you listen to video game music?
  2. Which games do you enjoy listening to the music?
  3. Is there a track or two that you could put on repeat?

I’ve braved the elements, made a few mistakes, and surprised myself with a couple of enthusiasts. I came home, gathered the recordings and music, and starting putting it together as best as I could. With blood, sweat, tears, and a bit of ringing in my ears, I’ve managed to (hopefully) create an awesome episode that you’ll enjoy.

Gather around with your chosen drink in hand, relax against the couch or a pillow, and prepare to hear a variety of people on their views of video game music.

Track Listing

1st Music Set

“Simple and Clean -PLANITb Remix” (Colors) – by Hikaru Utada

“Daughter of the Dark God” – composed and arranged Yasunori Nishiki, performed by BB Band, vocals by Yucca and Kanon

“Alex & Ken Stage -Jazz NYC 98-” – composed and arranged by Hideki Okugawa (CAPCOM)

“Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 (Break My Mind)” – composed by DA Games

“World 5 – Jungle World (Forest Land)” – composed by Shiho Fujii and Kenta Nagata

“Racoon City” – composed by Masami Ueda, arranged by Shusaku Uchiyama


2nd Music Set

“Simple and Clean” – by J-Music Ensemble

“Genshin Impact Theme Song (Lofi Remix)” – remixed by Peng

“Mission: Atarashiki Shinwa o Tsukure” (Mission: Make a New Legend) – composed by Kenji Yamamoto

“Go Straight” – composed by Yuzo Koshiro

“Beneath the Mask -rain, instrumental version-“, composed by Shoji Meguro


YouTube Playlist