Birthdays, that “important” day of celebration when your mom birthed you into the world under usual, and sometimes unusual, circumstances. It may have been at a hospital after your mom was driven in haste after the water broke, or at a home because it was too late to reach the hospital. Maybe you were born on the same day as one of your relatives, for better or worse. Perhaps you were born with a twin or another set of babies, within minutes of each other. The process may have been standard or the doctors had to intervene on your behalf. However and whenever you were born, birthdays are a wonderful event or another year to scratch on the wall.

I’m celebrating my birthday this month, which means most of the episodes in September will be all about video games in relation to me.

This week, we’ll be playing tracks from video games that were released on the day of my birthday, September 3rd. They were released regionally or to the world at large, on physical and/or digital forms. There are few I have played, one with some special meaning to me and another of which I’ve played in their series.

Let’s break out the party favors, bring in the bunches of giant balloons, and light up the candles on a slice of Claim Jumper’s Motherlode cake. It’s time to get this party started!



Track Listing


Intro – “Older”, by They Might Be Giants, from ‘Long Tall Weekend’


“Stage 1-1” and “Stage 1-2” – [Super Turrican (1993)] – Chris Huelsbeck

“Super Turrican Stage 1-1 and 1-2 (Wolf and Raven Remix)” – remixed by Wolf and Raven

“Metal Gear Solid Main Theme” – [Metal Gear Solid] – Tappy (Tappi Iwase)

“Metal Gear Solid Theme | Epic Orchestral HYBRID Cover” – covered by EpicTrailerMusicUK

“Eleganza (Cthylla Stage)” – [Chaos Code] – nekonon (onoken)

“Chaos Code – Eleganza (Cythylla Stage)(CPS-2 Remix)” – remixed by TheLegendofRenegade

“Orchestral Chaos” – [Rayman Legends] – Christopher Heral

“Orchestral Chaos | Rayman Legends Piano Cover” – covered by Raymusique

“Camp Dawn” – [Torchlight II] – Matt Uelmen (Torchlight II Soundtrack)

“Camp Dawn [Twelve String Guitar Acoustic Classical Cover)” – covered by Jonas Lefvert


Outro – “Happy Birthday Superstar!” – [Gimmik! (Mr. Gimmick in Scandinavia] – originally composed by Masashi Kageyama, “Happy Birthday” – remixed by R3, from the album ‘Gimmick! 30th Anniversary OST (He Edition)’


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