This week’s episode became more that I had bargained for…

I was originally going to talk about one composer’s birthday but then I realized “What if there are other composers born in September?” After sending a question out through social media and Discord, I found out there were several more composers born this month. So I decided to extend this episode to include their birthdays as well.

Well, I underestimated how much material and information I needed, because there are a total of six composers who were born in September (as far as I was informed).

We’re going to hear tracks from one of their video games, along with their covers and remixes, most of which did their own. It’s jammed-packed with music, so have a seat while I serve up a slice of cake and some sober drinks!



Track Listing

“Birthday” – The Beatles, from The White Album

“Aurora’s Theme” – [Child of Light] – composed by Beatrice Martin (aka Cœur de Pirate)

“Child of Light Aurora’s Theme Orchestral Cover – covered by ZableMusic

“Amazing Trees” – [Border Break (for the PS4)] – composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, vocals by Tielle, also from the album “2V-ALK”

“Amazing Trees -extended ver.” – arranged by Hiroyuki Sawano, vocals by Tielle, from the album “Binary Star / Cage”

“Universal Blue [Soyuz MIX]” – Zed Blade – composed by Manabu Namiki

“Universal Blue [Lunar Walker Is Still Alive MIX] – arranged by Manabu Namiki

“Store Man (Warehouse)” – [Chocobo’s Dungeon (Chocobo no Fushgi na Dungeon in Japan)] – composed by Masashi Hamauzu

“Warehouse – Chocobo Dungeon Remix” – remixed by Aphra Ezar’s Music Treehouse

“Transcending Love (Genso Suikoden III Opening)” – [Suikoden III] – composed by Michiru Yamane

“Exceeding Love (Voices Best Remix)” – remixed by Michiru Yamane

“Irreconcilably (Theme of M. Bison)” – [Street Fighter EX] – composed by Takayuki Aihara

“Irreconcilably” – arranged by Takayuki Aihara, from the album “Street Fighter EX -Arrange Sound Trax”


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