Muhahah! It’s BAAA-aaack…

This year, Friday the 13th appears twice, in January and in October. While most may think this is already looking like a bad year, I’d like to think that this will be most interesting 2023. If some of you listeners may remember, I like to consider myself a paraskevidekatriaphile.

This week’s episode, we’ll be talking about some of the superstitions of playing certain video games, while playing some original tracks and their covers and remixes. Whether you’re out collecting Pokemon, saving humanity with Servants, or traveling the new world with companions, there’s sure to be something that players do to ensure a higher degree of success or break out of a moment of bad results. Sure, we know it doesn’t work, yet we believe that it will somehow work.

Enjoy some fascinating tracks while avoiding the ladders, the cracks, and black cats in your path (by the way, nothing against black cats; they’re actually considered good luck in some Asian cultures)…



Track Listing

“Opening Movie”, “Title Screen” – [Pokemon Blue, Red, Green] – composed by Junichi Masuda

“Pokemon Red/Blue Opening Theme Music Remake” – remixed by Enrico Deiana

“Chaldea” – [Fate/Grand Order] – composed by Keita Haga

“Chaldea (house mix) [Future Link Sound – Chaldea no Kyoen]” – remixed by AsK_0

“Boundless Bliss” – [Genshin Impact] – composed by Yu-Peng Chen

“Nahida Theme Music – Boundless Bliss (KemQuy Remix) | Genshin Impact” – remixed by KemQuy


YouTube playlist