It was on February 16, 1995, that SEGA published and released a Genesis game titled Ristar in North America, a single-player platformer about a star that travels the Valdi star system to free the leader of each planet from the mind control of Kaiser Greedy. He bears no weapons, no magic, or psychic abilities; only two long arms that reach out so he can headbutt his enemies, traverse the area, or find hidden places for special treasure. While this game made him a main protagonist, Ristar has been spotted in other Sega games (Shemue I & II and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, for example.

This week, we’re celebrating the release of Ristar with tracks galore from the game, as well as their covers and remixes.

If you’ve owned the Sega Genesis or played the game, prepare to experience some nostalgia as you listen…



Track Listing

All original tracks were composed by Tomoko Sasaki

Intro: “Opening Theme 1 – Ebony Force”
BGM: “Opening Theme 2 – Pray Pray Pray”

“Round 1 – 1 Shooting Ristar”

“ROUND 1 – 1 – Shooting Star ~Planet Flora” – remixed by DSpeed

“Round 2 – 1 Splash Down!”

“Splash Down!! (Sonic 3 remix)” – remixed by TheLegendofRenegade

“Round 3 – 1 Busy Flare”

“Ristar The Shooting Star Busy Flare REMIX [Super Mario World Style]” – remixed by Kitikuchan

“Round 4 – 1 Du Di Da”

“Du-Di-Da! (Round 4-1 Boss) – Super Smash Bros Style Remix” – remixed by 113PokemonMaster

“Round 5 – 1- Ring Rink”

“Ristar – Ring Rink (Planet Freon 5-1)” – remixed by Tee Lopes

“Round 6 – 1 Crying World”

“Ristar-Crying World (Remix)” – remixed by Tarn

“Theme of Kaiser Greedy Game”

“Greedy Game (Ristar)” – remixed by GaMetal

Outro: “Shoot the Moon (Star Humming ~ Next Cruise)” – arranged by Rexy


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