Sometimes you got to know when to go all in, and know when to fold your hand.

On April 19, we’re celebrating National Poker Day, a holiday to celebrate that popular card game, whether it’s 5-card stud or Texas Hold’em, played at a friend’s house or within a casino. This holiday was created by a Texas radio personality named Rick McNeely, who goes by the name DJ Rick. Nothing to bluff here, as he also created other holidays (National Selfie Day, National Hamburger Day, and National Video Game Day, to name a few).

We’ll be hearing tracks from video games that have poker, as a part of the gameplay story or as a side game: A group of friends who find themselves captured by pirates, a lone hacker roaming the streets of Chicago, and an outlaw trying to survive after a failed heist. Of course, there will be covers and remixes to follow these tracks.

Enjoy these tracks as you survey your hand and your table, trying to read any tells and hoping to win the pot.


National Poker Day

“National Poker Day started in Texas”

DJ Rick’s Holidays



Track Listing

Opening and BG: “Queen of Hearts” – composed by Hank DeVito, performed by Dave Edmunds, from the album “Repeat When Necessary” (1979)

“Far Cry 3 Theme” – [Far Cry 3] – composed by Brian Tyler

“Far Cry 3 Theme Cover” – covered by SixteenInMono

“The Bunker Theme Music” – [Watch Dogs] – composed by Brian Reitzell

“[Watch Dogs] The Bunker” – remixed by Shivaxi

“That’s the Way It Is” – [Red Dead Redemption 2] – composed by Daniel Lanois, Rocca DeLuca

“Red Dead Redemption 2 – That’s the Way It Is (Metal Cover)” – covered by Skar Productions


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