On this day, May 3rd, we’re celebrating Sun Day (originally International Sun Day). Proposed by Denis Hayes and established by President Jimmy Carter in 1977 by a joint resolution, Sun Day celebrates that shining star in the middle of our known galaxy, the sun. Along it providing light and heat, the sun can be harnessed as a source of power with the use of solar panels.

We’ll be listening to tracks that feature or use the sun: A warrior hunting the vampire that stole his Solar Gun, the blue bomber dealing with robots infected by a virus, and a cursed undead told to be the one that will extend the Age of Fire. There’ll also be covers and remixes to follow each track, including a chiptune demake.

May your days be clear as you enjoy the warm and brightness of the sun…


Sun Day

10 Solar-Powered Characters in Gaming



Track Listing

“Solar Boy Django” – [Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django] – composed by Norihiko Hibino

“Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django Cover” – covered by KokiRemix

“Solar Inferno” – [Mega Man 10] – composed by Yasuaki Fujita

“Solar Inferno [Solar Man Stage] (Mega Man 10)” – remixed by GaMetal

“Centipede Demon” – [Dark Souls] – composed by Motioi Sakuraba

“Dark Souls: Chiptune Demixes – Centipede Demon” – remixed by Crimson Cobalt

Outro: “Devil’s Lament [Medley]” – [Doom] – composed by Bobby Prince, remixed by Lashmush, from the OC Remix album “BadAss: Paragons & Renegades”; requested by Alex The Messenger of “A VGM Journey”


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