It’s good to be back on the mic…

Welcome back, everyone. I hope all of you listened to any episodes last month in relation to “Masters of VGM”, a community-wide event among all participating VGM podcasters talking about and highlighting composers of video game music. This year’s theme was female, lesbian, and gender-queer composers. While the event was over, I’ve decided to spend this month in July doing such episodes.

And for this week’s episode, our first composer is Aki Hata. She’s is a Japanese musician, singer, lyricists, and composer, known for composing tracks for video games and penning the lyrics to many anime tracks. She composed for Konami as a part of the Konami Kukeiha Club and Treasure. Some of anime tracks she’s penned include One Man Punch, the Love Live! series, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuustu, and Lucky*Star.

We’ll be playing tracks during Aki Hata’s time in Konami and Treasure, along their covers and remixes.

I hope you enjoy all of this tracks and perhaps digging further into her music.


Aki Hata (Personal Website, YT, Facebook, Instagram, X, Spotify, Apple Music, YT Music)




Track Listing

All original tracks composed by Aki Hata

“Wandering Journey” – [Lagrange Point]

“Lagrange Point – Wandering Journey – VRC6 Arrange” – remixed by Yone2008

“Contra III: The Alien Wars – Ground Zero (SNES OST)” – Contra III: The Alien Wars

“Contra 3 – Ground Zero (TOTALLY SHOOTY BANG BANG VERSION)” – remixed by Nirre

“Ghost Ship” / “Sunken Ship” – [McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure

“McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure – Sunken Ship Remix” – remixed by Spin

“Headdy the Hero” – [Dynamit Headdy]

“Headdy the Hero (Dynamite headdy remix)” – remixed by Waterflame

“King Weeden’s Castle” / “Castle, Ice” – [Light Crusader]

“Light Crusader (SEGA) Guitar Metal Cover” – covered by VinsentVH

Outro: “Motteke! Sailor Fuku” – from the anime “Lucky*Star”, lyrics by Aki Hata, vocals by Aya Hirano


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