Yay! Ten weeks of podcasting about video game music and it’s an awesome feeling. Surely, there’s something special about reaching it. If not, by golly I’ll make it special.

This week, I decided to take the idea from Episode 06 and ask podcasters within the VGM (video game music) community and present them with two questions:

  1. What games do you enjoy listening to the soundtrack or OST?
  2. What one or two tracks would you love to put on repeat?

Again, it seems simple, but the responses I received were wonderful. While I only provided a deadline, each of them were free to answer however long it took and with however many words to say. In fact, listeners get the opportunity to hear their personalities and how it reflects in their answers. Some were straight-forward, some were quirky, and some were “unique”. However, it’s not enough for me to describe them. Have a listen and judge for yourself. Who knows, perhaps you’ll find another podcast to binge…

Very Good Music: A VGM Podcast


Rhythm & Pixels

A VGM Journey


Track Listing

“Weight of the World English Version” – [Nier: Automata] – composed and arranged by Keiichi Okabe, lyrics and vocals by J’Nique Nicole

“Galaxy 1” – [Starfire (PC-98)] – composed by Takeshi Abo

“Dr. Wily Stage 1” – [Mega Man 4] – composed by Minae Fujii

“Drawing Game” – [Pictionary] – composed by Tim Follin

“Octopus” – [Game & Watch Gallery] – composed by Yoko Misuta & Jin Sugita

YouTube playlist