Did you just see something white and fluffy hop through this way? Was it carrying a basket with something colorful inside? That could only mean one thing: It’s Easter!

Happy Easter, listeners (Happy Resurrection Sunday for any and all of the Christian listeners). It is the time of the year marked by several things: colorful eggs, beautiful baskets, egg hunts galore, Easter egg photos with the Easter Bunny, crowded brunch lines at the golf course, and lots and lots of chocolate and sweets (and Peeps). Pastels and white adorn our clothes and accessories for our Sunday best, only to be ruined by the juices of a slice of Rib Eye meat. People sit through the readings and commentaries of their pastor and sing to the melodies of resurrection, rebirth, and renewal. Ah, Easter, what a day for bright colors and hearty appetites.

While everyone is trying to stay awake during the service or eating through their third plate of food, how about sneaking in some earphones and listening to this week’s themed episode? We’ll be listening to tracks from video games that feature something related to that seasonal mascot, the Easter bunny. There’s a bunny that’s friends with a hedgehog, a bunny that beats up its opponents, and a mysterious bunny that may look cuddlier than Jigsaw but just as sadistic. We’ll also listen to some remixes and a cover of these original tracks.

And who knows, maybe the Easter bunny will gift you a video game in your Easter basket on Sunday morning…


“The Top 10 Rabbits in Video Games” – April 21, 2019

Track Listing

“Character Select” – [Sonic Advance 2] – composed by Hironobu Inagaki and Atsuyoshi Isemura

“Sonic Mania Remix – Choose Your Character!!! (Sonic Advance 2)” – remixed by Jahn Davis

“This One’s For You” – [Bloody Roar 2] – composed by Takayuki Negishi

“Bloody Roar 2 Alice Theme Cover” – covered by Yunior Rodriguez

“Monitor” – [Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward] – composed by Shinji Hosoe

“Zero Escape – Monitors || Remix” – remixed by Everything Fantasy


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