This week’s episode is going to be un-bee-lievably honey-sweet, because May 20th is World Bee Day. Designated by The United Nations, the day brings awareness about the bees and their importance to the ecosystem and humanity. From pollinating flowers to producing honey, the bee is an important asset to the world at large.

We’ll be listening to tracks from video games that have bees: a cybernetic bee, a game level located inside a beehive, and a galaxy world full of bees. We’ve also got some jazzy remixes that will have you buzzing a tune and tapping your toes. So, enjoy these tracks and support the lives of bees, with some bee-friendly flowers and trees and buying a jar of natural honey for your breads and tea.

World Bee Day

“Top 10 Bees in Video Games”


Track Listing

“Title” – [Buck Bumble] – composed by Justin Scharvona

“Buck Bumble (Proctra Remix) – remixed by Lacrum

“Flight of the Zinger” – [Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest] – composed by David Wise

“Donkey Kong Country 2 – Flight of the Zinger (Remix)” – remixed by DJMykah

“The Honeyhive” – [Super Mario Galaxy] – composed by Mahito Yokota

“Super Mario Galaxy – Honeyhive Galaxy (Funk Cover) – covered by pixeltea


YouTube playlist