Personally, I like months where the first day perfectly falls on Sunday, because that means it will have a Friday the 13th (bwahahaha!!!). Now, some will call me weird, but I prefer to be called a triskaidekaphile (an admirer of the number 13). If you want to get technical, you can call me a paraskevidekatriaphile (an admirer of the 13th of Friday) or a friggatriskaidekaphile.

Unless you’re triskaidekaphobic (fear of the number 13), I hope you’ll brave the unknown and take some time to listen to this week’s episode. I play tracks and their remixes and covers from video games that deal with fear, by name or by story. Whether it’s the fear of a strange experiment, fear of instant death, or fear of losing memory, these games will have you face it head-on, with a weapon or by the light. So, don’t be afraid, and don’t fear the reaper number 13.

Track Listing

“Primal Eyes”  – [Parasite Eve] – composed, arranged, and produced by Yoko Shimomura

“Parasite Eve Opening Theme – Yearning Remix” – remixed by t.Komine (UtadaP)

“Title Theme” – [Fear Effect] – composed by Matt Furniss

“Fear Effect Title Theme Remix” – by alt

“The Poet and the Muse” – [Alan Wake] – performed by Poets of the Fall (Gods of the Asgard)

“Alan Wake – The Poet and the Muse (Gingertail Cover)” – covered by Alina Gingertail


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