Now we shall talk about one of the more famous and familiar composers among the VGM community and perhaps outside: Yoko Shimomura.

She is best known for her compositions of the Kingdom Hearts series, but that required working on many titles beforehand. This week’s episode, we’ll go through her career, listening to several tracks from long list of her works, starting with Street Fighter II, going through several games in the JRPG genre, and then working on another fighting franchise. As usual, each of her original tracks will have a cover or remix paying tribute.

Now, grab a nice, tall glass of your favorite drink and enjoy these tracks in Part Three of “The Masters of VGM”.

“Final Fantasy XV Live from London”


Track Listing

“Ken’s Theme” – [Street Fighter II] – under the alias Pii

“Majestic Fire – [pop ‘n music 13 Carnival] – composed and arranged by Yoko Shimomura

“Beware the Forest’s Mushrooms” – [Super Mario RPG]

“Super Mario RPG ‘Geno’s Woods’ [Beware the Forest’s Mushrooms]” – remixed by Orkybash

“Dive into the Heart” – [Kingdom Hearts]

“Dive into the Heart -Destali – Remix” – remixed by sasukeshika

“Mechanical Kingdom” – [Radiant Historia]

“Radiant Historia -Modern Miracles [Mechanical Kingdom (Remix)] – by AnbarElectrum

“Shiva” – [Streets of Rage 4]

“Streets of Rage 4 Shiva’s Theme  Extended Never Return Alive & Max Man Mashup” – remixed and mashed up by DJC ARTS Creationz

Outro: “Main Title Theme” – [Legend of Mana]


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