Raise those fists and scream your face into melted madness, headbangers! There’s an important event that we’re celebrating, called “National Metal Day”!

If you’re a fan of the movie This is Spinal Tap, then you know that any heavy metal music sounds awesome at eleven. Thanks to VH1 Classic, National Metal Day is celebrated on November 11, the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the year.

This week’s episode will feature some ripping, shredding, and bashing. In addition to original tracks, we’ll also have some heavy metal covers and remixes. No expense was spared to ensure all these tracks are heavy, loud, and proud, but we’re not playing that bloody Stonehenge.

So, plug your ears and secure the furniture, because we going to shake the walls, crack the foundation, and bother the neighbors, and believe me, these tracks deserve to be at eleven…


National Metal Day (Days of the Year)



Track Listing

“Moon Light” – [Mega Man X6] – composed by Naoto Tanaka, vocals by Showtaro Moribuko

“The Plasmas – Luz de Luna (Moonlight – MegaMax X6)” – covered by The Plasmas

“Devil Trigger” – [Devil May Cry 5] – composed by composed by Casey Edwards, lyrics by Casey Edwards, vocals by Ali Edwards

“DEVIL TRIGGER – Devil May Cry 5 (Metal Cover by Jonathan Young)” – covered by Jonathan Young

“Sunshine Coastline” – [Ys VIII – Lacrimosa of DANA-] – composed by Takahiro Unisaga (Falcom Sound Team jdk)

“Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA – Sunshine Coastline | METAL COVER” – covered by Vincent Moretto

“Love the Subhuman Self” – [Guilty Gear STRIVE] – composed by Daisuke Ishiwatari, vocals by AISHA and Jamison Boaz

“GUILTY GEAR: STRIVE – Love the Subhuman Self [COVER] feat. @Lollia” – covered by FamilyJules, vocals by Lollia (Lolia Rose)

“The Instinct” – [Killer Instinct (2013)] – composed by Robin Beanland, arranged, performed, and mixed by Mick Gordon, from the Season One Soundtrack

“Killer Instinct Theme “Epic Rock” Cover (Little V)” – covered by LittleVMills

Outro: “Dawn Winery Theme” – [Genshin Impact] – composed by Yu-Pen Chen, covered by BAND-MAID, from Genshin Concert 2022


Audio clip from This is Spinal Tap


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