It’s a new month, and November is known for more than just Thanksgiving. It’s a special time of the year called National Novel Writing Month, when writers around the world attempt to write a novel of their own creation of at least 50,000 words. It doesn’t matter your level of experience (beginner or professional), your amount of education (self-taught or formally educated), or your current employment status (unemployed or full-time). All writers have an opportunity to accomplish something that could be the start of something wonderful.

This week’s episode will have a set list of tracks from video games based on novels. A barren planet that holds the power of the universe, an amnesiac waking up in a cybernetic world, and a scientist uncovering the powerhouse of human life, these games have lifted some aspects of their respective books into an interactive medium.

Come and listen to these tracks and consider diving deeper into reading their source material.

To all the writers participating in NaNoWriMo, may your motivations be great, your enthusiasm be plenty, your willpower be strong, and your words be flowing from your mind to paper or pixel…


National Novel Writing Month



Track Listing

“The Lego Tune” – [Dune 2: The Battle of Arrakis] (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive) – composed by Frank Klepacki, Dwight Okahara

“The Lego Tune” – covered by Inrudiment

“Morgue” – [Shadowrun] (NES) – composed by Marshal Parker

“Shadowrun (SNES) music Revamp [12 – Morgue]” – remixed by unununium

“Arise With You” – [Parasite Eve] – composed by Yoki Shimomura

“Arise With You (Parasite Eve Remix)” – remixed by Luminist


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