Thanksgiving is here, and that means every family member and their friends are gathered together at home. The dining table is decorated with the colors of brown and yellow, from the table cloth, to the name placard. Each seating place has their plate and silverware, set upon a table cloth and highlighted with a tall wine glass. The food table is dressed up with a variety of dishes: a tray of gravy, a plate of sliced, canned cranberry sauce, a stack of square cornbread pieces, a mound of mashed potatoes, a plate of steamed vegetables, etc. At the center of this food table are a couple of main dishes: a plump, well-cooked turkey, and a piece of ham with some slices ready to be taken. It’s a delightful and delicious sight to behold.

But who wants to eat, when you’d rather be playing video games?

This week’s episodes will feature some tracks from video games that can played on Thanksgiving, as well as their covers and remixes. Whether it’s for laughs or for rivalry, it’s nice to know that these and other games can bring everyone together to cheer or sneer at each other. Now play nice and be sure to help Mom clean up and make some take-home portions for the guests…


“5 Video Games to Play On Thanksgiving”



Track Listing

“Main Theme” – [Overcooked 2] – composed by Oliver Wood

“Overcooked 2 Trap Remix” – remixed by Gold Bloch

“Main Theme” – [Super Mario Party] – composed by Masayoshi Ishi, Toshiki Aida, Satoshi Okubo, Naruki Kadosaka

“Super Mario Party – Main Theme Remix”  – remixed by guesswhatmusic

“Planet Timbertree” – [Super Bomberman R] – composed by Seima Iwahashi

“Super Bomberman R – Planet Timbertree Remix” – remixed by Bland White Cube


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