Christmas is less than two weeks away, but I’ve decided to celebrate it early.

This week, I’ll be gifting several podcast hosts with some tracks, along with covers and remixes. It’ll be a long episode as I talk about several podcasts in particular: Rhythm & Pixels, VGMporium, Very Good Music: A VGM Podcast, A VGM Journey, and Shujin Academy VGM Club. Hopefully, I’ve picked some goods ones, but any excuse to play lots of video game music is a great excuse.

So enjoy this episode and perhaps consider giving a listen to any of these fine podcasts.

Rhythm & Pixels (Website, Spotify, Apple Music)
VGMporium (Spotify, Apple Music)
Very Good Music: A VGM Podcast (Spotify, Apple Music)
A VGM Journey (Spotify, Apple Music)
Shujin Academy VGM Club (Spotify, Apple Music, Linktree)



Track Listing

“Stage One” – [Bionic Commando (1987)] – composed by Tim Follin

“Area One Music C64” – remixed by karlsav

“When the Moon Reaches for the Stars” – [Persona 3] – composed by Shoji Meguro, lyrics by Yumi Kawamura, vocals by Reiko Tanaka

“When the Moon Reaches Out to the Stars” – covered by Consouls, with Sapphire on vocals

“Palmtree Panic Present” – [Sonic CD] – composed by Naofumi Hataya and Masafumi Ogata

“Palmtree Panic [8-bit VRC6] (ft. ThePaperNESGuy)” – covered by Musikage

“Nostalgic Song” – [Legend of Mana] – composed by Yoko Shimomura

“Nostalgic Song (Oboe/Recorder/Ocarina cover)] – covered by Field of Reeds

“Strike the Earth! (Plains of Passage)” – [Shovel Knight] – composed by Jake “Virt” Kaufman

“Shovel Knight – Strike the Earth (Plains of Passage) REMIX” – remixed by MiatriSs

“Beyond the Galaxy” – [Galaxy Force 2] – composed by Koichi Namiki and Katsuhiro Hayashi

“Beyond the Galaxy (Johnny James Remix)” – remixed by Johnny James Music


YouTube playlist