Put on your best dance outfit, gather your friends together, and break out the lightsticks!

December the ninth of Friday, according to DaysoftheYear, is known as World Techno Day. It is a day to celebrate two things: the genre of techno and dance music, and the birthday of a musician (Juan Atkins) who founded and promote techno. Four on the floor and running at 120 to 150 beats per minute, techno is widely recognized by its heavy use of electronic instruments, namely synthesizers, drum machines, and sequencers. People gather at EDM concerts to feel the bass, dance to the rhythm, and show their admiration with lightsticks, lighted props, and at times outrageous costumes; they certain know how to party.

This week, we’ll be listening to some video game tracks that sound techno (as far as I was able to research on YouTube and the rest of the internet). We’ve got some flying dragons, a hacker fighting off viruses and corrupted firewalls, and shapes avoid collisions to a pulsating beat.

So, crack those sticks and raise them up as you move to the beat.


World Techno Day (Days of the Year)



Track Listing

“Confrontation” – [Panzer Dragoon] – composed by Yoshitaka Azuma

“Confrontation” – [Panzer Dragoon Remake] – arranged by Saori Kobayashi

“Fear <Rez Edit> <area 05>” – [Rez Infinite] – written and produced by Adam Freeland, vocals by Cage

“Rez Level 5 – Fear is the Mindkiller – Maship OST/Ingame music” – remixed by Ramasse

“Courtesy / Hexagon” – [Super Hexagon] – composed by Chipzel

“DustZallax – Super Hexagon Remix” – remixed by Dustzallex


YouTube playlist