2022 will be history in a couple of days. The parties will be dripping in style, decorated to the nines, and loaded with food and drinks. New York will be filled as the crowd gathers to watch the ball drop during the final seconds of the year. The world will see sun set and the moon rise for the new day as 2023 arrives.

For this week’s episode, we’ll be playing some video games tracks that play during the roll of the ending credits, along with their covers and remixes. I also talk about my personal thoughts and feelings of 2022: the fight to find some sense of self, trying to see through the lie, and finding our light in our moments of darkness. I hope you’ll listen with an open mind and a considerate heart.

Happy New Year, everyone. May you walk into the new year with courage, perseverance, and hope…



Track Listing

“Simple and Clean” – [Kingdom Hearts] – composed and sung by Hikaru Utada

“Simple and Clean” – covered by J-Music Ensemble

“Still Alive” – [Portal] – composed by Johnathan Coulton, vocals by Ellen McLain

“Still Alive – Frank Sinatra Big Band Swing Version” – covered by The 8-Bit Big Band, vocals by Benny Bennack III, from the album “Choose Your Character!”

“Our Light” – [Persona 5 Royal] – composed by Shoji Meguro

“ENGLISH- Our Light Personal 5: Royal (Akane Sasu Sora)” – covered by Akane Sasu Sora

Outro: “Auld Lang Syne” – by 8 Bit Christmas, from the album “8 Bit Christmas”, originally based on a poem written by Robert Burns


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