Do you remember, as a child, getting a box of plastic bricks that let you build a house, a police station, or a spaceship? How about having a chest of loose pieces so that you can build anything limited by your imagination? Or, maybe you heard your parents screaming as they hopped across the floor, cursing and complaining that you need to pick up your toys off the floor.

January 28th is International Lego Day, the day when Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, a Danish carpenter, patented the original Lego brick, along with the interlocking brick system, in 1958. The name Lego, the company in which he founded earlier in 1932, is combination of two Danish words, leg godt, which mean “play well”. They were also one of the first manufacturers to purchase and use a injection mold machine; this led to the creation of their now-famous bricks, started in 1949. Since then, they have manufactured and sold sets and mini-figures, some based on popular franchises and historical buildings.

This week, we’re celebrating International Lego Day with several original tracks, along with their covers and remixes: a fun racing game, a tribe of biomechanical beings, and traveling across many dimensions.

Enjoy this episode as you try to finish that intricate build you bought from The Lego Store…


International Lego Day (Days of the Year)



Track Listing

“Main Menu” – [LEGO Racers] – composed by Eric Nosfinger

“LEGO Racers – Main Theme REMIX!!” – remixed by Jugebox98

“Avak’s Dynamo” – [Bionicle Heroes] – composed by Ian Livingstone

“[Synthesia] Bionicle Heroes – Avak’s Dynamo” – remixed by Petya Krasavin

“Green HillĀ  Zone” (Sonic Pack) – [Lego Dimensions] – composed by Rob Westwood, Ian Livingstone

“Viridescent Hills” – remixed by Jahn Davis


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