Wow! Happy Anniversary to RE-VGM!

One year ago, I decided to start a podcast to showcase covers and remixes of video game music (VGM). I’ve listened to other VGM podcasts (Rhythm and Pixels, VGMporium, VGM: A Very Good Music Podcast, XVGM, A VGM Journey, Shujin Academy VGM Club), along with another podcast about movie soundtracks, called “The Soundtrack Show”. While I enjoyed them, the thought of doing a podcast had tickled my fancy. I eventually came around when I bought a mic and figured out what was the purpose of my podcast. Following after VGMporium, I recorded and posted my first episode. Every week since then, I’ve recorded over 50 episodes, most of them thematic, a few special ones, and “On Stage Now”.

This week, I take a long walk down memory lane, reflecting on my time as the host of RE-VGM. We’ll be listening to covers and remixes from several episodes of interest: from the humble beginnings, during my mom’s passing, the Masters of VGM, and On Stage Now.

I hope you’ll take some time to hear what I have to say about my year in podcasting and to what I look forward in the future. I also want to thank all the listeners and followers of the podcast, as well as welcome to any newcomers; you are very much appreciated.



Track Listing

First Block, The Beginning

“Kingdom Hearts – Dearly Beloved” – [Kingdom Hearts] – composed by Yoko Shimomura – remixed by Kayou.Beats

“Persona 5 Royal – Take Over” – [Persona 5 Royal] – composed by Shoji Meguro – covered by The Consouls (with Sapphire on vocals)

“Conker Remix – Technoprano [Sloprano]” – [Conker’s Bad Fur Day] – composed by Robin Beanland – remixed by DJ the S


Second Block, When Mom Passed Away

“Stella’s Departure – Spiritfarer Vocal Cover” – [Spiritfarer] – composed by Maxime Locosta Lebuis – covered and sung by Cellochicita

“Home (Lofi Lia Remix)” – [Undertale] – composed by toby fox – remixed by Lofi Lia

“Persona 5 – The Days When My Mother Was There (Sleeping Forest Remix)” – [Persona 5] – composed by Shoji Meguro – remixed by Sleeping Forest


Third Block, The Masters of VGM

“Final Fantasy Tactics OST – Bland Logo Title REMASTERED+” – [Final Fantasy Tactics] – composed by Hitoshi Sakamoto – remixed by Jacob Shrum

“Kidou Senta Iron Saga OST – Sea of Fire (Orchestral Version)” – [Kidou Sentai Iron Saga] – composed by Hiroyuki Sawano – arranged by Kohta Yamamoto

“Radiant Historia – Modern Miracles [Mechanical Kingdom (Remix)] – [Radiant Historia] – composed by Yoko Shimomura – remixed by AnbarElectrum

“Child of Light – Dark Creatures (Cover)” – [Child of Light] – composed by Beatrice Martin (Cœur de Pirate) – covered by Chris Banes Music


Fourth Block, On Stage Now

“Whisper & Mantra (Theology Remix)” – [Secret of Mana] – composed by Hiroki Kikuta – remixed by Theology

“Dance Dance Revolution – Butterfly Cover” – [Dance Dance Revolution] – composed by – covered by Lacey Johnson

“Maggie’s Quest” – composed by Zantilla – covered by SuperMadNES


YouTube playlist