St. Patrick’s Day is here, and green is everywhere: on the clothes worn to avoid getting pinched, in the beer, and the four-leaf clover. People are hoping to get lucky in gambling, dating, and video games.

Speaking of video games, St. Patrick’s Day also means the re-run of last year’s episode (#07), so to speak. I mean, yes, they are gacha games, but it’ll be a different set of games from last year.

We’ll be listening to tracks from several gacha video games: a battle on the high seas with anthropomorphic warships, a wanderer in a desolate land, and a post-apocalyptic future in which artificial soldiers fight against mechanical aliens. As usual, there will also be covers and remixes of these tracks.

Enjoy these tracks as you don something green, kiss the blarney stone, and maybe find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Oh, and be sure to sip your cup of Irish coffee before it gets cold…



Track Listing

“Determination” – [Azur Lane] – composed by Yasunori Nishiki

“(Azure Lane) Determination – (Symphonic Metal)” – remixed by AdeleyWolfy

“Meant To Be” – [Tower of Fantasy] – composed by Qu Yang, lyrics by Lei Shi, vocals by Shymie

“Tower of Fantasy OST – “Meant to be” EDM Remix” – remixed by Erra

“Global Theme Song [TuNGSTen] (feat. mizuki)” – [Goddess of Victory:NIKKE] – composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, vocals by mizuki

“Goddess of Victory:NIKKE OST -TuNGSTen (feat. mizuki)” – covered by Raon

Outro: “Promise” – [Epic Seven] – composed and arranged by Jiru Bak, lyrics by Changpak Park, performed by Raon


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