You know it’s a big deal when a company recognizes a fan-made holiday.

Oh yes, we are celebrating (another) special holiday, called National Mario Day. Thanks to the realization of a fan writing out the date (Mar. 10), Nintendo officially endorsed the date afterwards in 2016. While it could be argued that any day is a day to celebrate, March 10th is officially the day to walk, talk, and play Mario. You can play any game with Mario in it, dress up like Mario, or even try talking like Mario.

This week’s episode will play a list of tracks from certain Mario games I’ve played and enjoyed. We’ve got Mario as a doctor, Mario searching for some legendary stars, and Mario getting paper thin. We’ll also hear their covers and remixes.

Time to don our hat, strap on the suspenders, and put on the gloves as we ‘woohoo’ our way through the music.


National Mar10 Day



Track Listing

“Fever Theme” – [Dr. Mario (NES)] – composed by

“Dr. Mario Quarantine Remix (Fever) [Stream Result] – remixed by Tee Lopes

“Hello, Happy Kingdom” – [Super Mario RPG] – composed by Yoko Shimomura

“Hello, Happy Kingdom (Super Mario RPG) – 2022 REMAKE + NEW ALBUM!” – remixed by Patti Rudisill

“Main Title” – [Paper Mario] – composed by

“Paper Mario Remastered | Main Title/Theme (Arrangement – 64K)” – remixed by MasterKillua

Outro: “Title Theme / Do the Mario – Super Mario Brothers Super Show | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” – remixed by A_A_RonHD


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