The website “National Today” mentions a holiday called World Marbles Day. It celebrates the first British Marbles Championship that took place in England, in 1588. It was told that two gentlemen were trying to win the hand of a milk maiden named Joan. They competed in several known sports at the time, in Tinsley Green, and the final sport chosen was marbles; one of them, named Giles, did win the game and Joan. Since then, marbles tournaments were held every year in Tinsley Green. While it did lose some popularity around 1900, marbles was revived in 1932 and the name was changed to “British and World Marbles Championship” a few years later.

This week, though, we’re going to lose some marbles as we listen to tracks from some silly, and at times mind-bending, video games, along with their covers and remixes: a man who dreams of sailing the high seas, an office worker trapped in a building, and a boy who’s unique talent may help save the minds of his fellow camp friends.

It’s time to get silly and see who will lose their marbles first…


World Marbles Day



Track Listing

“Opening Themes & Introductions” – [The Secret of Monkey Island] – composed by Michael Land

“The Secret of Monkey Island – Main Theme [Eurobeat]” – remixed by Anthony McBazooka

“Exploring Stanley” – [The Stanley Parable] – composed by The Blake Synthetic Orchestra

“Exploring Stanley [The Stanley Parable Remix]” – remixed by Deadbeat

“The Meat Circus” – [Psychonauts] – composed by Peter McConnell

“Psychonauts – The Meat Circus – LuvP REMIX” – remixed by LuvP


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