Surprise! It’s a new special episode, in addition to “On Stage Now”. These particular episodes are basically listening parties of recent releases by any cover/remix artist or band. The artist or band themselves may give some talk about their album before letting the playlist start. This playlist may be tracks chosen by the artist or band or by me at random.

For this first special episode, we have Mustin in the lounge. Some may know Mustin as one of the members of The OneUps, but Mustin also does solo projects. Regarding his most recent album “Mario Mixtape”, it is a wonderful collaboration between him and his son Logan, from song production to marketing to even the album cover. Lots of hard work and care went into the album and it shows.

Have a listen as you hear Mustin talk about his experience with the album and then hear several tracks from “Mario Mixtape”. Afterward, if you like the album, consider purchasing it in Bandcamp and then following him on YouTube and social media.



Episode Theme: “At the Listening Lounge” – composed and performed by Mustin


“Ground BGM” – [New Super Mario Bros.]

“Defino Plaza” – [Super Mario Sunshine]

“Attack of the Airships” – [Super Mario Galaxy]

“Game Over” – [Super Mario World]

“To The Game” – [Super Mario Galaxy]

“Piranha Plant’s Lullaby” – [Super Mario 64]

(All tracks originally composed by Koji Kondo)


YouTube video

Bandcamp (digital + CD album)


Mustin (Personal Website, YT, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, YT Music, Deezer, Quboz)