I realize that I’m behind (okay, over a week behind), but I wanted to put something together, since I wasn’t able to attend VGM CON this year.

Simply put, this episode celebrates the winners of this year’s Game Music Remix Awards, playing tracks from their respective categories. However, one particular track won in two categories and will be played to close out the playlist. I also want to give a shoutout to all nominations; the fact that you were selected is a great accomplishment.

Enjoy these tracks and consider showing your support for all of these musicians, by following and subscribing to their pages, adding their music to your playlist, and buying their albums and merch online.


VGM CON Game Music Remix Awards



Track Listing

“Gaur Plains (Night)” – [Xenoblade Chronicles] – Becca Michaelson, ImRuscelOfficial, Cierra, Lior David Shragg, Andy-Ryu, and keyotter

Jazz and Funk
“Ain’t Nothin’ Like a Funky Beat” – [Lethal League Blaze] – Dom Palombi’s Game Night!

“Strange House” – [Pokemon Black/White 2] – boshii

Metal and Rock
“Origami Castle” – [Paper Mario: The Origami King]  – The Tiberian Sons (ft. Eli Bishop & Laura Intravia)

“Jubilife Village” – [Pokemon Legends: Arceus] – Ryu Matrix

Hip Hop
“Five Finger Discount” – [The Sims: Bustin’ Out] – Ronin Op F, Newmajoe, and evilsonic

“In the Flood” – [Horizon: Forbidden Dawn] – Allison Martin Trombone

Music Video
“You’re Lost” – [The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening] – DiscoCactus (ft. Insaneintherainmusic and Dom Palombi)

“Crateria Surface” – [Super Metroid] – Allison Martin Trombone, from the album “See the World”

Symphonic, Listeners’ Choice Awards
“The Great Sea” – [The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker]  – ZREO: Second Quest and ATLYS