It’s our monthly episode of “On Stage Now” for this week. Our featured band is The OneUps, a cover band that has been around for over 20 years, playing in the style of funk and jazz and appearing at several venues, including MAGfest and The Penny Arcade Expo. If you’ll recall, Mustin is one of their members and was featured in another special episode of “At the Listening Lounge” last week.

We’re going to do something a little different and have a guest from another wonderful podcast introduce The OneUps. You can say that he’s been fan of the band for a long time, as he also made the playlist for this episode.

So, sit back and enjoy the sounds of The OneUps and consider supporting them (follow their pages, subscribe to the channels, and buy their albums and merch).


The OneUps (Personal Website, YT, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Apple Music, YT Music, Bandcamp)



Track Listing

Songs for the Recent Deceased
The Bane of Kanto (Gotta Kill ’em All) [Pokemon Red and Blue]
Vampire Roadshow [Castlevania Symphony of the Night]

Arkadia Retrocade
Toejam Jammin’ [ToeJam & Earl]

Volume 1
Koopa Beach [Super Mario Kart]
Bomberman [Bomberman]

B Sides
Secret of the Forest [from “Chrono Trigger”]
Costa Del Sol [from “Final Fantasy VII”]

Intergalactic Continuum
Two Dragons, 1 Cup… of Funk [Double Dragon]

Intergalactic Redux
Space Warrior Sound Machine [Super Metroid]

Volume 2
Title BGM (Metroid)
Sagat (Street Fighter II)

Outro: “Green Hill Zone (from “Sonic the Hedgehog”) – originally composed by Masato Nakamura, from The OneUps’ album “Arkadia Retrocade”