Here we are, Week 4 of Masters of VGM.

This week’s composer is Chikayo Fukuda, known for the .hack series that is developed by CyberConnect2. In addition, she also composed for other video games series, such as Naruto, JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure, and Fuga: Melodies of Steel. She writes music with a certain level of elegance; some of the fights, despite being chaotic and random, are rendered calm and soothing.

For this episode, we’ll be playing tracks from three games from .hack series: INFECTION, G.U., and LINK. Each track will also be followed by a cover and remix.

I hope you’ve been enjoying these and other episodes of Masters of VGM. Also be sure to check the website for other podcasts that participating.


Masters of VGM

Chikayo Fukuda (LieN Website, Twitter)



Track Listing

“rtown0 (delta Server Aqua Capital Mac Anu)” – [.hack//INFECTION]

“Aqua Capital Mac Anu | Metal Guitar Cover” – covered by Ferdk

“Beast God Statue” – [.hack//G.U.]

“.hack G.U. Last Record – Beast God Statue (Trap Remix)” – remixed by Krelan

“Toki no Kaidan (Stairway of Time)” – [.hack//LINK”]

“Piano – Stairs of Time – .hack//LINK” – covered by Hoiman Simon Yip

Outro: “For Little Tail ~LieN ver~” – [Tail Concerto] – composed by Chikayo Fukuda, vocals by Tomoyo Mitani, from the album “Tail Concerto Perfect Sound Track”


YouTube playlist