Two composers done, and two left to go, for Masters of VGM.

This week, we’re taking a dive into the Mother series (Earthbound outside of Japan) and featuring Keiichi Suzuki, the composer for the series who worked with Hirokazu Tanaka (aka “Chip Tanaka” or “Hip Tanaka”. Suzuki is purely a musician, having been in several bands and releasing albums with Moonriders and The Beatniks (with Yukihiro Takahashi of Yellow Magic Orchestra), but he was helped by Tanaka-san’s programming ability, translating notes into bits and bytes. While the series itself is very much niche, the tracks are memorable for those who played it; even one of the tracks popped up in certain memes.

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Keiichi Suzuki – 1997 Composer Interview



Track Listing (all original tracks, unless noted, are composed by Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka)

“Battle With a Dangersous Foe” – [Mother / Earthbound Beginnings]

“Mother/Earthbound Zero – Battle With a Dangerous Foe” PSiMetronome Remix – remixed by PSIMetronome

“Eight Melodies” – [Mother / Earthbound Beginnings]

“St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir – Eight Melodies” – arranged by Michael Nyman, from the album “Mother”

“Battle With a Weird Opponent” – [Earthbound / Mother 2: Gigu no Gyakushu]

“Earthbound – Battle Against a Weird Opponent Remix” – remixed by Phillip Schlosser

“Sanctuary Guardians” – [Earthbound / Mother 2: Gigu no Gyakushu]

“Sanctuary Guardians Earthbound Remix” – remixed by Noteblock, with Stevie Viola

Outro: “A New Nostalgia” – [Real Sound: Kaze no Regret]


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