School’s out, and that means it’s time to wile away the hours with your favorite activity, or just lay in bed in sweet solace. Perhaps one of those activities is playing video games, on your computer, in your console, or on your mobile device. It’s a great time to catch up on those old saves or open a fresh new game you just bought or left in your backlog.

This week, in celebration of National Video Game Day on July 8th, we’ll be listening to tracks from a few random video games pulled from my own personal backlog: a hunter now turned into the hunted, thirteen stories between two timelines, and a blue hedgehog entering a new frontier. There will also be covers to follow with each original track.

So, enjoy these tracks as you enjoy your summertime, in bed or outside.


National Video Game Day


Track Listing

“When I” (full version) – [Dragon Star Varnir] – composed by NAKO, arranged by Shogo Onishi, vocals by Rico Sasaki, from the album “Curtain Call wo Yurashite”

“Rico Sasaki – When I (Guitar Cover) Varnir of the Dragon Star: Ecdysis of the Dragon” – covered by Leely Baxx ch

“ISOLEUCINE” – [13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim] – composed by Yoshimi Kudo

“13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim -(ISOLEUCINE)- Arrangement” – arranged by Justin Thronburgh Music

“I’m Here” – [Sonic Frontiers] – composed by Tomoyo Ohtani, lyrics and vocals by Merry Kirk-Holmes

“Sonic Frontiers OST – I’m Here (Guitar Cover)” – covered by FamilyJules


Outro: “Undefeatable” – [Sonic Frontiers] – composed by Tomoyo Ohtani, covered by FamilyJules, vocals by Christina Vee


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