Every year, we all get older, wiser, and more experienced. It then becomes a choice of celebrating or dreading that time we birthed into the world.

This weekend, I’ll be turning another year older and have decided to celebrate with this week’s episode about balloons. Yes, those rubbery, stretchy bags of air that float above our heads, anchored down by a string. Surely, there’s been a time when you’ve thought about having enough of them to leave the ground below and meet the skies above; I know I have many times.

We’ll be listening to tracks from some video games that have balloons in them: an 8-bit jousting match, a super racing game, and 2D world of survival. There will also be covers and remixes to follow each original track.

Hopefully you enjoy these tracks as I celebrate another turn of the year. If you’re feeling it, you could consider stopping by a party store and buying yourself a giant helium balloon.



Track Listing

“Game Start”, “Bonus Round” – [Balloon Fight] – both composed by Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka

“Balloon Fight ‘Ska Poppin'” – remixed by virt (Jake Kaufman)

“Mario Circuit” – [Super Mario Kart] – composed by Soyo Oka

“Super Mario Kart: Mario Circuit (Vector U Remix)” – remixed by Vector U

“Overworld Day” – [Terraria] – composed by Scott Lloyd Shelly

“Day Theme” Terraria Remix – remixed by NoteBlock

Outro: “Gimmick! Band Cover / “Happy Birthday!”” – originally composed by Masashi Kageyama; covered by Marshal Art, from their album “Marshal Art Ultimate”


YouTube playlist