Time to leave my desk and head out to another public venue in Anaheim, CA, called Anime Impulse.

This venue travels along California and in Arizona, with a host of vendors both small and large. Some of these vendors, especially at the Artist Alley, may be local to the area where it appears. It also has several voice actors from a variety of entertainment media, mostly anime and video games.

This week, I roam around Anime Impulse, trying to find people to interview about video game music. Half the people I asked hardly listened to VGM at all, which I admit left me starving. With a handful of interviews recorded, we’ll also be listening to a block of tracks from games and anime mentioned. My thanks to those who gave their time to be interviewed.

Enjoy these tracks, despite my frustration and nervousness in finding people…


Anime Impulse



Track Listing

“Never Say Never” – [Dangaronpa – The Animation] – by TKDz2b
“Liyue” – [Genshi Impact] – composed by Yu-Peng Chen
“Peaceful Hike” – [Genshin Impact] – composed by Yu-Peng Chen

“The Ghostface Chase Music Old Live” – [Dead By Daylight] – composed by Michel F. April
“Minecraft” – [Minecraft] – composed by C418, from the album “Minecraft Volume Alpha”
“Opening Theme [Full Song]” – [I Love You Colonel Sanders] – composed by Hexany Music

“Simple and Clean” – [Kingdom Hearts] – composed by Hikaru Utada, vocals by Hikaru Utada
“Halo” – [Halo: Combat Evolved] – composed by Martin O’Donnell, Michael Salvatori
“Seeking Answers” – [Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3] – composed by Chikaya Fukuda

“Order of Silence” – [Genshin Impact] – composed by Zin Zhao (HOYO-MIX)
“Fontaine Theme” – [Genshin Impact] – composed by HOYO-MIX
“Samudartha” – [Honkai: Star Rail] – composed by Fan (HOYO-MIX), lyrics by Xie Jiao Jiaozhu, vocals by Yusuf and Eli.W (HOYO-MIX)

Outro: “Wildfire” – [Honkai: Star Rail] – composed by HOYO-MIX and Jonathan Steingard, lyrics by TetraCalyx


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