Autumn has arrived. Well, it arrived a couple of weeks ago, The daylight hours are becoming shorter and the weather is turning colder. Such changes may put some of us in the mood to lie down in our bed or couch and nestle into our pillows while reading our favorite book or playing our favorite video game.

This week’s episode will have tracks from video games that help you get cozy and comfy with fall: a lonely journey through the desert, a “simple” walk in the park, and organizing our stuff. We’ll also be listening to their covers and remixes.

Enjoy these tracks as the chilly breeze blows through and the leaves start changing color…



Track Listing

“Nascence” – [Journey] – composed by Austin Wintory

“Nascence from Journey (Ps3) (Helix Remix)” – remixed by .Helix

“Somewhere In the Woods” – [A Short Hike] – composed by Mark Sparling

“A Short Hike: Somewhere in the Woods (cool boy Funk Remix)” – remixed by cool boy

“Friends for Life” – [Unpacking] – composed by Jeff van Dyck

“Friends for Life – Unpacking REMIX” – remixed by Zoova Music


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