Oh no! It’s the 13th of Friday this month! Quick, take out the horseshoes and four-leaf clovers. Walk around those ladders and watch out for those cracks on the sidewalk!

Unless you’re a paraskevidekatriaphile (an admirer of Friday the 13th) like me.

Yes, it’s the second Friday the 13th (first one was back in January of this year), and this week’s episode will be discussion of some fears that may be triggered from video games: an acrobatic fight for freedom, a city that reeks of death and dying, and a planet of mostly water. There will also be covers and remixes to listen after each track.

Hopefully your fears are not triggered from these tracks, but sometimes you need some luck to stave it off. You’ve been warned…



Track Listing

“Still Alive” – [Mirror’s Edge] – composed by Rami Yacoub, Arnthor Birgisson, lyrics and vocals by Lisa Miskovsky

“Still Alive (Teddybears Mix)” – remixed by Teddybears, from the album “Still Alive: The Remixes”

“Bloodborne” – [Bloodborne] – composed by Ryan Amon

“Bloodborne Theme – Hunter of the Night (Castlevania Style)” – remixed by Alex Roe

“Into the Unknown” – [Subnautica] – composed by Simon Chylinski

“Subnautica – Into the Unknown (Primal Xenolith Remix)” – remixed by Primal Xenolith


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