Ohayo, Konnichiwa, Konbanwa…

Today is a celebration of Bunka no Hi, in English translated as Japanese Culture Day, held on November 3rd. Coinciding with Education and Culture Week, Japanese Culture Day celebrates the Japanese culture, in academics, the arts, music, and other aspects. It’s a great time to be familiar with such Japanese artists as Takashi Murakami (printmaking) and Katsushika Hokusai (wood blocks and painting).

For this week’s episode, we’ll be listening to tracks from video games that show some aspect of Japanese culture: a sun goddess reincarnated as a swordman’s wolf, a local samurai fighting the invasion of the Mongols, and partnering with Mirages to stop the revival of a dragon in modern-day Tokyo. We’ll also hear covers and remixes of these tracks, one of them using a stringed instrument named an erhu.

Come and listen to all that is inspired and based on Japanese culture, and perhaps you’ll be inspired to travel to Japan to experience it for yourself…


Bunka no Hi (Japanese Culture Day)



Track Listing

“Prologue” – [Okami] – composed by Masami Ueda (Clover Studio)

“Okami – Prologue – Remix” – remixed by Sine Skeller

“The Way of the Ghost” – [Ghost of Tsushima] – composed by Ilan Eshkeri

“Ghost of Tsushima OST – The Way of the Ghost – EPIC AMBIENT Instrumental Erhu Cover” – covered by Eliott Tordo

“Give Me! (Instrumental)” – [Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE] – composed by Yoshiaki Fujisawa

“Give Me! (Instrumental) – Remix Cover” – remixed by Vetrom

Outro: “Inazuma Theme (EPIC Ghost of Tsushima Style)|Genshin Impact” – composed by Yu-Peng Chen and HOYO-MiX, remixed by Farabi Hasan Music


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