October 27th is International Black Cat Day, which celebrates this particular color of feline and promoting their good points, while dispelling the myths and superstitions associated with the black cat. While most black cats tend to be of the Bombay breed, other breeds can have cats covered with black fur. Most may fear or stay away from them, but some cultures and countries encourage the presence of black cats, at their porches, in their weddings, and inside their homes.

This week, we’ll be playing tracks from video games that have black cats: a superhero’s villain-turned-ally, becoming a feline in joyful chaos, and a black cat that talks and traverses the Metaverse. We’ll also hear some covers of these tracks as well.

If you own such a cat, be sure to give them extra pets and strokes of affection and friendship, as you listen to these tracks and their covers.


International Black Cat Day



Track Listing

Intro: “I Ain’t Superstitious”, written by Willie Dixon, performed by Howlin’ Wolf

“Main Menu Theme” – [Spider-Man (PS1)] – composed by Tommy Tallarico

“Spider-Man 2000 – PS1 Theme – Cover – Remix” – remixed by Ty at Nite

“Get Meowta here! (Furightful Lab Theme)” – [Catlateral Damage] – composed by Brandon Ellis

“Get Meowta here! (Furightful Lab Theme)” – [Catlateral Damage Remeowstered”] – remixed by cityfires (Brandon Ellis), from the Bandcamp album

“Allycat” – [Persona 5] – composed by Shoji Meguro

“Allycat – Persona 5 Saxophone Cover Theme” – covered by VanilleFleurCannelle, featuring SoHugo


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