Did you ever look at your friends list lately on social media? I’m betting there are some people on there that are strangers or acquaintances that you friended a long time ago. Maybe you haven’t kept up with them. Maybe you’re getting tired of seeing their posts about food, politics, religion, or unusual interests. Well, today is National Unfriend Day, and this is your opportunity to unfriend those people before Thanksgiving, just to clear your mind and give it some peace.

National Unfriend Day is the creation of Jimmy Kimmel, a late-night TV host. He wanted to stop people from collecting friends like Pokemon and get rid of any distant acquaintances or strangers. The word “unfriend” may seem recent but it’s actually older than you think: It was first used by Shakespeare in several plays, such as Twelfth Night. It can also be found in Middle English poem titled “Brut” or “Layamon’s Brut”.

For this week’s episode, we’ll be playing tracks from video games in which characters get unfriended in some way: a trio of friends separated by a dark storm, a friend who later betrays you, and a artificial intelligence that gets power hungry.

Enjoy these tracks as you scroll through your list and cull it of its excesses and attrition…


National Unfriend Day

Jimmy Kimmel’s Unfriend Message

6 Most Iconic Friends Turned Enemies in Video Games



Track Listing

“Ring of Bomb” – [Final Fantasy IV (Final Fantasy II in NA)] –  composed by Nobuo Uematsu

“RDX Necklace” – remixed by Children of the Monkey Machine (Matthew Newman) & audio fidelity (Jay Yaskin), from the album “Final Fantasy IV: Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption”

“Hollow Bastian” – [Kingdom Hearts] – composed by Yoko Shimomura

“Kingdom Hearts – Hollow Bastian Remix” – remixed by BluAura

“I AM NOT A MORON” – [Portal 2] – composed by Mike Morasky

“It Was Your Voice” – remixed by Vandoorea, from the album “Neon Green Chambers: Chapter III”


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