It’s that time for our last special episode of “On Stage Now” for this year 2023, as December approaches and lots of things are being planned.

This month’s feature is Voltz Supreme, an award-winning composer, story-teller, Iron Synth Chef Remixer and Performer from Australia. In addition to remixes, he also composes original music for film, video games, and several self-released albums. He has a large collection of vintage and modern analog synthesizers that allows Voltz to bring out the best of any video game music he remixes, while still honoring what makes that particular track special or nostalgic.

Prepare to be impressed by the amazing works of Volts Supreme, and perhaps you’ll consider doing a deep dive at his website and where his works can be streamed at your leisure.

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Voltz Supreme (Personal Website, YT, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music, YT Music, BC, SC)



Track Listing

“Forest Interlude” – [Donkey Kong Country 2 – Diddy Kong’s Quest] – originally composed by David Wise

“Hot Head Bop” – [Donkey Kong Country 2 – Diddy Kong’s Quest] – originally composed by David Wise

“Minish Woods” – [The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap] – originally composed by Mitsuhiko Suetsugu

“Hydrocity Zone 2” – [Sonic 3] – originally composed by Sega Sound Team

“Milky” – [Bomberman Hero] – Jun Chikuma

“Besaid Island” – [Final Fantasy X] – originally composed by Masahi Hamauzu

“Quest in the Water” – [Mega Man Battle Network 5] – originally composed by Akari Kaida, Mitsuhiko Takano

“Aquaman” – [Megaman 8] – originally composed by Shusaku Uchiyama

“Driftveil City” – [Pokemon Black/White] – originally composed by Hitomi Sato

“As You Wish” – [Mother 3] – originally composed by Shogo Sakai

“Aquatic Ambience” – [Donkey Kong Country] – originally composed by David Wise

Outro: “Staff Roll” – [Kirby’s Dream Land 3] – originally composed by Jun Ishikawa


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