So, “Die Hard”, the 1988 action movie that had Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman, is it considered a Christmas movie? I mean, it does have a Christmas party, in a tower located in Los Angeles.

I know, I’m stirring up this seasonal debate, but I have a reason. After hearing a brief discussion from another podcast about the movie, it occurred to me that perhaps video game have this same dilemma, aside from being theme in its environment and character dressing.

For this week’s episode, we’ll be listening to tracks from video games that take place on or within Christmas, whether it’s on the eve, on the day, or during the season:  a stealth mission into Zanzibar Land, an opera singer mutated into a cellular nightmare, and New York City desolated after Black Friday. We’ll also hear some covers and remixes with each track.

Hope you enjoy these tracks, after a healthy and heated debated about “Die Hard”…


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Track Listing

“Theme of Solid Snake” – [Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake] – composed by Konami Kukeiha Club

“Metal Gear 2 – Theme of Solid Snake [Cinematic Synthwave Remix][2021 REMASTER] – remixed and remastered by DjKlzonez

“Out of Phase” – [Parasite Eve] – composed by Yoko Shimomura

“Parasite Eve OST: Out of Phase – Synth Cover (Mono Memory)” – covered by Mono Memory

“Precinct Siege” – [Tom Clancey’s The Division] – composed by Ola Strandh

“The Division – Ola Strandh – Precinct Siege (F1NG3RS Remix)” – remixed by F1NG3RS


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