Hopefully the weather outside your window isn’t frightful and this week’s episode is delightful.

This is a special episode, in relation to RadioSEGA’s Winterfest 2023. I was asked to join their line-up and happily obliged, though I admit I’ve never recorded for a radio format. With some tweaking, cutting, and rearranging, I was able to submit what I hope is a wonderful episode for the program. As of this post, the episode is scheduled to play around 1pm PST (9pm GMT).

For the show, I’m posting the original, uncut version of the episode, with no promos or station callouts. Just me talking and the music playing, which will be about the cold (snow, ice, etc). We’ll hear tracks from video games that have cold things in it, whether it’s a level or the general atmosphere of the game. We’ll also hear some covers and remixes.

Whether you listen to the radio edit or the original, enjoy the tracks with some cozy comforts and a warm cup of your favorite drink…



Track Listing

“Terra’s Theme” – [Final Fantasy VI] – composed by Nobuo Uematsu

“Final Fantasy VI – Terra’s Theme (Soaralot Remix)” – remixed by Soaralot Music

“Ice Cave Chant” – [Donkey Kong Country] – composed by Eveline Novakovic

“Ice Bells Are Ringing (Christmas Mix)” – remixed by bLiNd

“Frappe Snowland & Sherbet Land” – [Mario Kart 64] – composed by Kenta Nagata

“Frappe Snowland/Sherbert Land [Remix]” – remixed by Qumu

“Big Snowman” – [Snowboard Kids] – composed by Snowboard Sound Team, Tomohiko Sato, Isao Kasai, Sayuri Yamamoto

“Big Snowman (Chasers Remix)” – remixed by Desuvi Music

“Buried in Snow” – [Final Fantasy VII] – composed by Nobuo Uematsu

“Buried in Snow [Orchestral]” – covered and remastered by Pontus Hultgren Music

Outro: “Sonic 3D Blast – Diamond Dust Zone Act 2 (Sonic 2 Remix) V2” – composed by Richard Jacques, remixed by KenJones3023


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