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Episode 75: Keiichi Suzuki (Masters of VGM)

Two composers done, and two left to go, for Masters of VGM. This week, we’re taking a dive into the Mother series (Earthbound outside of Japan) and featuring Keiichi Suzuki, the composer for the series who worked with Hirokazu Tanaka (aka “Chip Tanaka” or “Hip Tanaka”. Suzuki is purely a musician, having been in several […]


Episode 32: Favorite RP/JRP Video Games

The party is still going on this month, as I talk about one of my favorite genres of video games: role-playing games. These were games in which to you take on the role of a character, based on a certain class using several traits or stats, and go on an adventure that sees you grow […]

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Episode 14: Mama (Happy Mother’s Day)

This week’s episode is all about moms and I’ll be talking specifically about my own mom. I’ll be playing tracks from three different video games and their remixes, to explain how I felt about my mom before she passed. A nurse, a motivational speaker, and a home maker, my mom was all that I had […]

Earthbound Roadblock

Episode 04: Earthbound and SoCal Gaming Expo

This week’s episode is (very) early because of two important events: The addition of Earthbound and Earthbound: Beginnings on the Nintendo Switch Online, and the SoCal Gaming Expo. We’ll listen to several tracks from the game, along with some remixes, covers, and arrangements. Between sets, I’ll talk a bit about the event and a few […]