This week’s episode is all about moms and I’ll be talking specifically about my own mom. I’ll be playing tracks from three different video games and their remixes, to explain how I felt about my mom before she passed. A nurse, a motivational speaker, and a home maker, my mom was all that I had in being comforted, encouraged, fed, and made safe from the world. I hope to inspire others about their moms in their lives.

Rhythm and Pixels, Episode 32-5 Mothers Day

Intro – “A Song for Mama” – BoyzIIMen

Track Listing

“Pokemon Center” – [Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire] – composed by Junichi Masuda, arranged by MinakoAdachi

“Pokemon Center Remix” – by Qumu

“Pollyanna (I Believe in You)” – [Mother, in Japan; Earthbound Beginnings, outside Japan] – composed and arranged by Keiichi Suzuki, guitars by Keith Beauvais and Chester Camen, bass by Graham Edwards, keyboards & programming by Bob Andrews, drums by Geoff Dugmore, b-vox by Keiichi Suzuki and G. Tommey, lyrics by Linda Hennrick, vocals by Catherinie Warwick

“Mother: Pollyanna Jazz/Funk Cover” – by insaneintherainmusic (guitars by Family Jules, vocals by Adrisaurus, backing vocals by Sab Irene)

“Home” – [Undertale] – composed by tobyfox

“Home (Lofi Lia Remix)” – by Lofi Lia


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