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Episode 67: 2023 VGM CON Game Music Remix Awards

I realize that I’m behind (okay, over a week behind), but I wanted to put something together, since I wasn’t able to attend VGM CON this year. Simply put, this episode celebrates the winners of this year’s Game Music Remix Awards, playing tracks from their respective categories. However, one particular track won in two categories […]


Episode 33: On Stage Now – Lacey Johnson

Welcome to our monthly episode of ‘On Stage Now’, in which I feature artists and bands and play their covers and remixes. This month, I present to you the “Keytar Kween of VGM”, Lacey Johnson. Classically trained in music, her main instrument is the keytar, a keyboard played as a guitar. She also plays a […]

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Episode 23: Let’s Talk (and Drink) at Brew Game Plus

This week’s episodes returns us to the man-on-the-street interview session, this time at Brew Game Plus. Brew Game Plus is a 2-day music festival held in San Diego and is devoted to video game music. Musicians and bands come together to perform their covers, remixes, and original tunes. Some are familiar (“Guile’s Theme” from Street […]