Earthbound Roadblock

Episode 04: Earthbound and SoCal Gaming Expo

This week’s episode is (very) early because of two important events: The addition of Earthbound and Earthbound: Beginnings on the Nintendo Switch Online, and the SoCal Gaming Expo. We’ll listen to several tracks from the game, along with some remixes, covers, and arrangements. Between sets, I’ll talk a bit about the event and a few […]

Omen Walk To Narshe

Episode 03: Omen

This week’s episode focuses on one of the best introductions for a JRPG: Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy II in the U.S.). We’re going to look at one of Nobuo Uematsu’s compositions that sets up the story and mood of the game. Afterwards, we’ll listen to several tracks from artists who cover it in their […]


Episode 01: Dearly Beloved

Welcome to the first episode of RE-VGM, a video game music podcast about tracks that have been re-arranged, re-orchestrated, and re-made by fans and artists. We will be listening to one of the famous tracks from a famous series: Kingdom Hearts. This video game is a delightful collaboration between Square (now Squaresoft) and Disney. Now, […]