(Apologies for the late upload of this podcast. It seems I haven’t uploaded the audio portion of the podcast at all. I was also away from the desktop, at a funeral, so I couldn’t finish the process until I got home. I promise you this episode is worth a listen, as it’s very important to me and to share with everyone subscribed or just happened to find my podcast via my website or a podcast search. Thanks for your patience and understanding.)

Life is a wonderful thing, but in the end, death must happen, no matter the time, the season, the year, and the moment.

This week’s episode takes on a somber tone as we explore a grave subject which no one can avoid: death and dying. The games from which the tracks were chosen have their own unique way of discussing death. It may be wandering the ‘life between’ before reaching the final destination. Perhaps it’s a trip along the ocean waves, being comforted by the ferry person. Maybe dealing with death requires us to fulfill a journey, in the hopes of reconnecting with someone and finding closure. However death is discussed or concluded, every person will react and process it in their own way.

I also want to take this moment to say that this episode has a special, personal significance, to be explained later. I hope that it brings some comfort to you and anyone grieving the loss of someone, that it will allow you to face death with dignity, and that you are not alone, no matter the distance, the culture, or any personal beliefs.

“Episode 32-3 Our Friendship Foundations and Fissures” – April 13, 2022

“Death Positive Video Games” – May 19, 2020

Track Listing

“Title Theme” – [Limbo] – composed by Martin Stig Anderson

“Limbo | Menu | Orchestrated” – remixed by Kyle Preston

“Stella’s Departure” – [Spiritfarer] – by Maxime Lacoste Lebuis, performed by Maude Plante-Musaruk, Timbre Cierpke, Maria Grigoryeva, Leo Bercoff

“Stella’s Departure – Spiritfarer Vocal Cover” – covered by Cellochicita

“Gris, Pt 1” – [Gris] – composed by Berlinist

“Berlinist, Gris Pt. 1 (Dimatis Remix)” – remixed by Dimatis


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