Ah, young Padawan. The Force is strong in you, I sense, yes. Perhaps you will walk in the light, or maybe you prefer to travel into the dark side.

However you decide, this week’s episode celebrates Star Wars Day, which falls on May 4th. An MMO (massive multiplayer online) game, a single-player action adventure under Darth Vader, and another single-player action adventure taking place after Order 66, these games should give a good taste of the music involved. I do drop some knowledge of the universe, but it’s just enough for some background, as I’m not well-versed in it.

“May the Force be with you, always…”


Intro – “Main Title” – Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope – composed and conducted by John Williams, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra


Track Listing

“Star Wars The Old Republic Theme Alternative” – [Star Wars – The Old Republic] – composed by Mark Griskey and Gordy Haab

“Star Wars Remix SWTOR Theme – ‘Rise of the Republic’ – remixed by Plasma3Music

“Star Wars – The Force Unleashed Main Theme” – [Star Wars – The Force Unleashed] – composed by Jesse Harlan

“Star Wars – Starkiller’s Theme | Piano & Orchestra | The Force Unleashed” – by Lucas King

“Sugaan Essena” – [Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order] – composed by Dashdongdong Bayarmagnai, performed by The Hu (Galbadrakh Tsendbaatar, Nyamjantsan Galsanjamts, Enkhsaikhan Batjargal, and Temuulen Naranbaatar)

“Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order [Black Thunder Remix]” – by Remix Maniacs (J-Squad)


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